11rai chaisatan highwaylampang land,chiangmai real estate

Land for property development, Surround with the factory and warehouse.


Beautiful plot of land next to Super Highway Road, Chiang Mai - Lampang

Inbound Chiang Mai, the width of land is 80 meters on the road.

Land reclamation over 10 years, ready to start the project

Behind the land is a large warehouse.

Near the outer ring road intersection, less than a kilometer

Nearby places, such as Chofa School, Sin Singing Merchant

Nearby is a commercial building. Allocation project, etc.

Between the building materials store Boonthavorn and Thai Watsadu

Nearby is empty land. Opposite the Chaiyaphan Police Station


Document 11-3-08 Rai

Sales 50,000 per sq.wah

transfer, including transfer.




12rais Land, highway-saraphi

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 Tel. 081 4726987 (Dtac) ; 081 1639887(Ais)

       095 6751718 (True)

 email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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