Ping riverside-poolvilla, Chiang Mai.

5 bedrooms, area 600 sqw., located saraphi-hangdog district, with a big garage and big trees.

House Constructions and Renovate

house construction renovate, chiangmai

Repair and Maintenace service, Chiangmai

Tippaya Villa

Come and stay with us as to understand and appreciate the real happiness from nature and simplicityjpg

Creekside, Villa on the road of Chiangmai to Chiangrai.

Housing Estate, Rajapruek park

House64sqw FloraView rajapruek,chiangmai - Hangdong, house for sale

near Night safari zoo, Chiangmai.

Thai style teakHouse, Ping riverside-Lamphun


ทำห้องเรียนสอนพิเศษ สอนดนตรี สอนออนไลน์ ฯลฯใกล้บิ๊กซีแม่เหียะ อ.เมือง เชียงใหม่

Old city Properties, Chiangmai

House-homeoffice, CanalRoad-Maehia

House near Airport and closed to Nature of Chiangmai...with security guard 24 hours


A shophouse with rental rooms, 10 bedrooms near Sunday walking street, Chiangmai city.

Camping site,Chiangmai

chiangmai Camping SiteTippaya Villa

Suitable for resort project, Mountain views, Chiangmai real estate.



Land for house building

 near kadfarang-Hangdong, chiangmai - hod road 


Office Building near Suandok Hospital, Kadsuankeaw - Central Department store

Private Resort house

Modern Lanna style on Mountain of Pong subdistrict, Hangdong-Smoeng road,Chiangmai.


Land on a hillside,Maerim

 Pyongyang Valley, Maerim real estate, Roadside land for resort project, Chiangmai.

Chiangmaicity Land

Land near Nimman...

Land200sqw Roijan Nongkwai Hangdong,chiangmai

Land for real estate project, Chiangmai city.


200sqw Nongkwai Roijan,sale land at chiangmai

Land for house building, roijan-nongkwai/Namprae

Canal road, hangdong

House64sqw FloraView rajapruek,chiangmai - Hangdong, house for sale

FlolaVille Housing estate, near Night safari zoo, Chiangmai.

Townhome near airport

Townhome Urbana Maehia chiangmai

Modern style townhome with clubhouse 

Ricefield Scene

1 StoreyHouse 5bedrooms Baantawai

1-story house 3bedrooms, near Baantawai

Residence building

properties for office, on the road of Chiangmai-Chiangrai, Doi Saket, Chiangmai. 

Townhouse near Airport

The townhouse, 42 sq.wh with 5 bedrooms, near Chiangmai Airport.

Residence Project Land

Land near Central festival, Middle ring road, Chiangmai city.

Mahidol roadside Land

Commercial land, inbound to airport, Chiang Mai city.

Ping riverside Land

Near Rajavej hospital, Chiangmai city.

Doisaket Land

Near Rajamangkala University, Doisaket district, Chiangmai

House, Pool villa

70sqw Chaiyapruek sansai, pool villa chiangmai.

near MaeJo University, Sansai, Chiangmai.


House131sqw SwimkingPool changkian,house at chiangmai city

Changkian-Nongho zone, luxury decorations


Doisaket creek,chiangmai

18rai Maewan doisaket, creekside,chiangmai.

land for sale with stunning nature.

6 bedrooms, hangdong-ringroad

Khwanwieng House hangdong,chiangmai properties

Houses in the housing project, Outer ring road, Hangdong-Chiangmai.

HomeOffice, Saraphi, Chiangmai.

Outer ring-roadside, office building for sale, Chiangmai properties

ChangKiaen - Nong Ho

3 garden houses near the convention and exhibition centre, Chiang Mai.

16 rai, Outer ringroad

For Real estate project Land, Outerring road No.121, Sansai, Chiangmai.


Fruit orchard 2 rai, near Doilo district office, Chiangmai.

Land -Maehia

4.5rai Maehia Land2

Near Maehia Market - Outer ring road, International school, Chiangmai city.


Chiangmai-Lampang superhighway

11rai chaisatan highwaylampang land, real estate

Land for Commercial Project, Saraphi-Chiangmai

RiceField Views

House100sqw Songkwae.Doilo,chiangmai

A little house 2 bedroom, Countryside-Doilo, Chiangmai.

Sankampeang new road

House50sqw sankampeang newroad,chiangmai house

House 2 bedrooms, Sankhampeang-Baandou.

Guesthouse for rent

Accommodation Bizz chiangmaiCity,25rooms guesthouse

25 rooms near Waroros Market - Ping river

Office for rent size 138 sq.m.,

Office for rent Nimman Chiangmai, property for rent

Located at Nimman-Canal road, near Airport, Chiang Mai.

Sale Condo 49 sqm.

49 sqm. condominium, near Airport, Chiangmai city

49sqm. with 1 bedroom with living room, near Chiang Mai airport, Chiangmai city.

Hostel near Chiangmai airport

Houses for Accommodations,

Sanpatong-Hangdong area, near North-Chiang Mai University - Chiangmai handicraft centre.

Mini resort, wood house

Small resort almost 2 rai with 4-5 villas near the district office of Hang Dong, Chiang Mai.

kids-activity, Chiangmai

kids play learn, weekend at Chiangmai

Nature base playground, Waldorf Inspired Community...

Coffee Roasted for wholesale

AliceSocks - Fashions


Delivery Socks, Chiangmai

Web Stat

Condominium near Chiangmai Airport

เภสัช - วิสัชนา เรื่อง สเต็มเซลล์

HH herb, Thailand

Properties for business, Chiangmai


Stainless Equipment@Chiangmai

Roaster Coffee Machine, Stainless steel, cookware stainless steel door with remote control.